Crypto exchanges comparison

Would you like to buy one of the cryptocurrencies and you don't know how? You want to be a part of people trading in virtual currencies?

We decided to help novice traders look around the markets a bit and created a list of crypto exchanges where cryptocurrencies can be traded. We want to maintain this list and expand it in the future with quality exchanges with cryptocurrencies. Please note that we have tried all of the exchanges listed below and are actively using some of them. The list below will help you decide which exchange to choose for your trading. At the same time, we publish articles with information that we find interesting and useful. If our site helps you, we will be happy if you share it with friends.


The largest stable stock exchange, which from the beginning meets almost all the requirements that a cryptobourse should have. The owner of the company regularly acts as a guest in economic news and is very active. The exchange is also very fast, even though hundreds of millions of users are registered on it. Large assortment of cryptocurrencies and high volatility, so trading is hassle-free. Binance also has its own mobile application that allows you to trade from a mobile device. Another nice thing is that competitions for valuable and attractive prizes are regularly held at this cryptobourse (one of the last ones was about cars). The Exchange is actively working on its development and, among other things, is establishing branches in various parts of the world. We currently consider this stock exchange to be the best and we highly recommend it. In our opinion, there is no better one. The deposit can be made directly with a payment card. By registering through us, you will get a part of the fees back!

Platform speed - 10
Credibility - 10
App - 10
Liquidity - 10

Binance Futures (leverage)

Do you want to trade leverage on a stable and quality stock exchange? So we recommend the Binance Futures Exchange. This is trading on the Binance stock exchange in a special category focused purely on futures. Futures are isolated from others, so you can lose as much as you can in this futures account. You can trade here on leverage, ie for example for 50 USD you can buy the whole ETH (price about 350 USD) and profit from its growth. You can also short-circuit, ie speculate on a drop in price. Stoploss and Takeprofit can be set for each command. Excellent, fast, stable and trustworthy. We recommend.

Platform speed - 10
Credibility - 10
App - 10
Liquidity - 10


Basic stock exchange. It is not so much an exchange as an exchange office. Bitstamp currently exchanges USD or EUR for Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies, but the list is not long. Rather, this exchange is used to purchase BTC and LTC, which is then transferred to other exchanges, where an exchange into alternative cryptocurrencies is already taking place. We take this exchange as very credible. Only its interface is not one of the clearest. It has its own mobile application and can also trade via Bitstamp.

Platform speed - 8
Credibility - 10
App - 8
Liquidity - 10


One of the first exchanges in the crypt world. The stock exchange offers many established currencies (coins). All currencies you find here are already established and traded with sufficient liquidity. Getting your currency to Bittrex is very difficult and must meet many criteria. There are several hundred currencies on offer and Bittrex allows exchange against BTC, ETH and USDT. The platform is fast and the interface is simple. Support is slow, as on all exchanges, but it can be contacted, not only through the ticket system, but also at their chat in Slack. The stock exchange is trustworthy, stable and reliable. This cryptobourse has a negative attitude towards pumping groups and does not allow this action. It can be traded from the Tabtrader application. Update from April 2019: The Exchange now requires everyone who trades on this Exchange to confirm their identity (KYC). That is, he fully identified. We abandon this exchange and reduce the rating.

Platform speed - 6
Credibility - 8
App - 2
Liquidity - 7


WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE EXCHANGE DUE TO EXTREME WITHDRAWAL FEES. Quite an old and well-established stock exchange. Daily liquidity is lower than on other exchanges. So far, some currencies only exist here, as it is an exchange where many cryptocurrencies begin. The interface is clear and simple. The speed of the platform is medium. The exchange is very active on Twitter, so you can follow newly listed cryptocurrencies there. It can be traded from the Tabtrader application. Liquidity on this exchange is very low. UPDATE: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE EXCHANGE due to high withdrawal fees and spreads.

Platform speed - 7
Credibility - 5
App - 0
Liquidity - 1



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