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Would you like to buy one of the cryptocurrencies and you don't know how? You want to be a part of people trading in virtual currencies?

We decided to help novice traders look around the markets a bit and created a list of crypto exchanges where cryptocurrencies can be traded. We want to maintain this list and expand it in the future with quality exchanges with cryptocurrencies. Please note that we have tried all of the exchanges listed below and are actively using some of them. The list below will help you decide which exchange to choose for your trading. At the same time, we publish articles with information that we find interesting and useful. If our site helps you, we will be happy if you share it with friends.

When people think of making money with cryptocurrencies, they imagine by default a person who buys and sells all day or someone who invests in an ICO. Nevertheless, there are other ways to secure income from cryptocurrencies that do not require as much time and experience as e-commerce. They could be divided into completely passive - these are the ones that do not require any of your time and semi-passive, in which you have to invest some time. It only depends on you what you find more pleasant.
Henry Ford said: "It is fortunate that people do not understand our banking and monetary system. Because if they did, I think there would be a revolution tomorrow morning."
When it comes to money, we need to make our accounts more secure. We can all agree on that. That is why we find the so-called 2FA (Two factor authorization) login on all quality stock exchanges. And what is it?
In this mini-article, we will focus on the two most popular anonymous cryptocurrencies, Monero and Zcash. A prerequisite for understanding the article is a basic understanding of how the blockchain works.
NFT is undoubtedly the most useful blockchain application, however right now it is just connected with JPEGs and farts in a jar. Take a peek at some of these intriguing tools
The future of money lies in cryptocurrencies, as they offer numerous benefits over fiat currencies.
Money influencers on Instagram have become a popular source of financial advice and inspiration for many people. However, there is a growing concern that these influencers may not always be truthful about their lifestyles and the products they promote.
If you've been around here for a bit, you've probably heard mention of bridges and/or wrapped tokens (like wrapped Bitcoin, or WBTC). Here's an explanation of what these bridges do, how they do it, and what their relationship with wrapped tokens is.
As the sun rose over the sprawling metropolis, a sense of unease hung heavy in the air. For years, the global economy had been teetering on the brink of collapse, and today, it seemed, was the day that it would finally happen.



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